Registration Forms

 Affidavit Family
 Affidavit Homeowner
 Affidavit Renters
 ESL Home Language Survey.docx
 Physical updated (pdf)
 Registration Form
 Release of Records (pdf)

New Kindergartners

Registrations due by March 12, 2021

Provide a birth certificate OR passport

Go to Registrations Forms link and select:

Registration form

Physical form

Immunization form

Home Language form

Proof of Residency*

*Select an Affidavit to prove residency:

            If you own your home, select Homeowner’s Affidavit A – Have notarized

  • Supply Mrs. Festa with a Deed, Contract of Sale, OR current tax bill AND 2 additional bills

            If you rent,  select Renter’s Affidavit B – Complete the top and have notarized.

  • Attach your formal lease.   IF you do not have a formal lease, have the landlord complete the bottom of the form.
  • Supply Mrs. Festa with 2 current bills with the name of at least one parent and the address.

If you live with a relative you, as parent, complete Family Affidavit C – Have notarized and signed by resident and parent of child.

  • Supply Mrs. Festa with  two bills with at least one parents’ name and the address.
  • If the person you live with owns their home they must prove ownership by following the instructions for Affidavit A .
  • If the person you live with rents, they must prove residency by following the instructions for Affidavit B .
  • If your child’s physical is not due until after March 12, 2021 (i.e. over the summer), the physical and immunizations can be handed in separately, after your doctor visit.
  • However, receipt of the other items (i.e. registration form, **birth certificate, residency documentation, etc.) must be completed by March 12, 2021.